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My TI-83+ (SE)

I first learned the importance of graphing calculators during my freshman year, when I got a Ti-83+ Silver Edition with the 'cool, translucent casing' for my geometry class. However, I was more concerned about the games that I would be able to play, and since it came with its own graphlink, I would be able to download all the games I wanted. almost two years later, I now make my own programs (for school, games, or just for miscellaneous purposes), but every now and then, I come across a gem that no one can live without, and add it to my vast collection of nifty little programs that I keep on my calculator. So, I created an archive (that which you are seeing now) that displays all of the really nifty programs I found and some of the ones that I have created. So enjoy.

*Note: All these programs are compatible with both the Ti-83+ and the Ti-83+ SE. These programs are not entirely compatible with Ti-83's because they contain programming not supported by the Ti-83's.*

If you need help, or are not sure of how to install these programs, click here.

My Programs
Other Basic Programs
Assembly Programs & Shells
Flash Applications

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Nifty TI program Websites
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My Programs
AreaformAreaform: Version 2.0.1
This is probably the program that I revise most often, and is a work in progress. Areaform gives you lots of different formulas, under many different categories. When I come across a new mathematical formula, I add it to Areaform, so I won't forget it. A very useful program.
This was probably one of the first programs I created for use during my geometry class. It will solve a variety of different equations including area, volume, surface area, pythagorean theorem, slope, distance between two points, etc...
In this program, you input an algebraic equation, and the program will give you back the value of X.
A simple program that displays the slope of a line and the line's equation when both sets of coordinates are imputted.
Defragmenting programDefrag
Defrag is a nifty little program that will clean out the memory of your calculator by deleting unused variables and such that clog it up. Overall, its a lot like defragmenting your computer, which makes it run faster.
StaRPG, the Ultimate Star Trek RPG!Starpg
This is an intro to an upcoming game of mine, a Star Trek RPG. When it's finished, it should be a full RPG, where you have to escape a Romulan colony by seeking the aid of Ambassador Spock, currently hiding in the colony.
An odd little program that I made when I was dinking around with a friend's calculator. Basically, it runs through the simulation of having a virus in the calculator that ultimately locks it up and prevents its use, unless you know the secret two-key code to unlock it. freak out your friends. Can be a pretty good practical joke.
I made this program in my algebra class when I was bored. There is a little 'ball' that bounces all over the screen at random angles. It's so fun to watch, It's better than TV!
genome mapperGenome
Genome is a cool little program that when you place your finger on the calculator screen, it 'maps' your genome on the screen by. Well, maybe not really, but it is kind of cool.
This was the very first game I had ever created. It is a number guessing game where you must guess the number between 1 and 100 in the least amount of tries.

Basic Programs
Star Trek:  The Original SimulationStar Trek: The Original Simulation
This is one of the best Star Trek games I have ever played for a calculator. Created for the Ti-83, this program captures that Star Trek aspect of the game very nicely. A must download!
Star Trek: MercenaryStar Trek Mercenary
Another one of my favorite Star Trek games for a TI calculator. Created for Ti-83+ (SE)
Final Fantasy: Tales of Magic 2Final Fantasy: Tales of Magic 2
This is an excellent RPG created in the Final Fanstasy universe. The installation takes a little while, but the instructions are very clear. This is almost as good as you can get in BASIC on a Ti-83+.
Nibbles 2Nibbles 2
This is an extremely addictive game in which you eat the food with the snake, but each time you do, you grow longer, and you cannot touch yourself or the walls. Very fun.

Assembly Programs & Shells
Ion is an assembly shell that is used to run most assembly programs. Ion is pretty good. It is stable, and it will not make your calculator crash.
This program is a little bit similar to Nibbles 2. It's just as addictive, if not moreso, but you use only the left and right keys to move the worm.
This game created originally created for Palm Pilots has been ported for the Ti calculators.
This is the classic Snood computer game ported to the TI calculators.
Classic minesweeper from Window's Entertainment Pack.

Flash Applications
MirageOS is a revolutionary Flash App that acts as an Assembly shell.  From here, you can do lots of things with your programs that you cannot do with Ion (see above), such as Archiving, Hiding programs, and even password protection.   It's not as stable as Ion is, and it may cause your calculator to erase the RAM every now and then, but it is definitely a good tool.
Omnicalc is a very nifty Application that adds lots of versatility to your calculator.  With it, you can add more functions to your calc, such as radical simplifications, RAM recovery (on Silver Editions), improved entries, and more.
Krolypto is the ultimate program for calculator security.   Set the password, and no one gets in, because it uses highly advanced encryption algorithms to keep your password safe (note:&nsp Is NOT compatible with MirageOS.   If the two run together in the background, your calculator WILL end up crashing.   Also, once the password is set, it is hardwired into the system.   If you lose the password, tough beans.   The only way to get back in is to reset ALL memory on your calc.
Elements is a nifty little periodic table for those of you that don't have a Silver Edition, and don't want to shell out the cash to get it.
Puzzle PackPuzzle Pack
Puzzle Pack is a sweet application for when you have downtime in class, or are just bored.  Contains Blockdude, Pegs, Dino Puzzle, and Puzzle Frenzy.

Well, what do you think of my site?  Did you find a bug, or something that shouldn't be here?   Or, if you just have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to E-mail me at  Your input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!