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I wrote this poem in my 10th grade english class, when we were doing our major poetry unit. Each of us had to write their own ORIGINAL poem in the style of the poet that they had chosen. I did my report on Walt Whitman, so I decided to write my own poem in the style of "Oh Captain, My Captain." However, this was easier said than done, for I had absolutely no idea what I would write my poem about. For hours, I stewed upon this subject, trying different combinations ('Oh trash can, my trash can','Oh hamster my hamster','Oh refrigerator, my refrigerator'), but nothing sounded right. Finally, after hours of fruitless attempts, I was near desperation, and began toying with the 'Oh cheese wedge, my cheese wedge' idea, because I was entirely out of options. Suddenly, enlightenment hit me, and I realized that this was the path I was suppose to take. So below here lies the fruit of my effort, as I convey my deepest feelings towards my beloved cheese wedge:


Oh Cheese Wedge, My Cheese Wedge

Oh cheese wedge, my cheese wedge, you needn't be afraid.
You sit inside my fridge, beside the grape Kool-aid.
The trip was long, but you were strong, riding from the supermarket
In a paper bag with cereal, and mushrooms right beside it.

But oh No! No! No!
It seems you've gotten old
Where in the fridge my cheese wedge lies
Darkened, green with mold.

Oh cheese wedge, my cheese wedge, why can't you still be fresh?
Why can't you have your deep, orange hue, why not do something less?
We could've had some tacos, or even the fondue
We could've eaten this and more, with lots left over too!

Here cheese wedge, I love you,
You're as valuable as gold.
But in the fridge my cheese wedge lies
Darkened, green with mold.

My cheese wedge has gone rotten, its edges crusty brown
I had high hopes for this one, and now I feel let down.
The dumpster's lid stood open, though fresher it could've been
Took one last look, my hand, it shook, and then tossed the cheese wedge in.

I feel despair, I loved my cheese
I thought it rather bold
But in the trash my cheese wedge lies
Darkened, green with mold.

-Richie Nelson-