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Top 10 phrases of the upcoming TNG episode:
'The Enterprise Stops at Taco Bell'


10.  Troi:  I sense... indigestion.

9.  Picard:  Don't order the fajitas, Number One, they'll go through you at warp nine.

8.  Wesley, guest starring:  Look, mister, the sign says you get a free "Little Orphan Annie" cup with any taco salad purchase, and I'm not leaving here til l I get one!

7.  Worf:  Klingons do NOT eat burritos!

6.  Geordi:  I bet if I allowed anti-matter to collide with these chimichangas we could boost warp power by 27 percent!

5.  Dr. Crusher, pointing tricorder at a taco:   Inconclusive meat readings, Captain.

4.  Picard:  You're on, Number One. Whoever can squirt the most jalapeno sauce up his nose gets treated to dessert.

3.  Riker:  What do you mean you don't serve tokelau here? What kind of Mexican restaurant is this?

2.  Data, re-joining Geordi after bugging Picard with a boring monologue on the history of the enchilada:  I do not believe it is physically possible for me to place an enchilada in the area suggested by the Captain.

1.  Picard:  When we get back on the ship and you have the conn, Number One, you'd better not queef on my chair!


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