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Welcome to my Star Trek page!  I am a huge fan of Star Trek, and so I have created this page as a tribute, persay, to Star Trek. On it, you will find mostly Star Trek funnies that I find on the internet, and anything else that is 'trekkish' enough to be put up here.

Note:  The music you should be hearing now is the theme to Star Trek:  The Next Generation, with the controls down at the bottom of the screen.


What if Dr. Seuss Wrote for Star Trek? - The name pretty much speaks for itself.
What if Data Were MS-Windows Compatible? - So true...
'The Enterprise Stops at Taco Bell' - Top 10 lines from the upcoming TNG episode
Reasons Why Janeway is Better than Picard - The list goes on and on...
Your Starship Captain May be a Redneck If... - Mmmm... Beans...

Star Trek Meets the Matrix

Star Trek Meets the Matrix.  You can see Picard, Troi, Geordi, and Wesley!!!


Star Trek:   TOS/Bohemian Rhapsody Parody

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Well, what do you think of my site?  Did you find a bug, or something that shouldn't be here?   Or, if you just have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to E-mail me at  Your input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!