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Well, on March 4, 2004 I turned 17.  We have a tradition at my church to write a poem and read in in front of the congregation once we're another year older.  Now that I'm officially over the hill, I wrote this poem:

I'm So Old!

I turned 17 last week.
I'm really getting old.
I can't remember very well,
And I'm always getting cold.

I can feel arthritis setting in.
My back is always aching.
When I step on ice, I fear I'll slip
For fear my hip of breaking.

My hairline isn't where it should be,
I fear that it's retreating,
And I also need to watch my weight
And stop my excessive eating.

So now I'm among the old people,
I thought it'd never come.
For now, the highlight of my day
Is playing cribbage in the home.

Well, I'm really REALLY old now,
But I must go take my pills,
And then I think I'll take a nap,
Now that I'm over the hill.

Richie Nelson

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