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Over the years, many people have written poems, or 'odes' to a person that has had a profound impact upon their life. Lieutenant Commander Data, stationed aboard the starship Enterprise (NCC 1701-D) composed an ode to his pet cat, Spot, because Spot helped Data experience an entirely new aspect of humanity, which is Data's overall goal in life. He called it 'An Ode to Spot'

An Ode to Spot

Felis Cattus, is your taxonomic nomenclature,
An endothermic quadruped carvivorous by nature?
Your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses
Contribute to your hunting skills, and natural defenses.

I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,
A singular development of cat communications
That obviates your basic hedonistic predilection,
For a rhythmic stroking of your fur, to demonstrate affection.

A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;
you would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.
And when not being utilized to aid in locomotion,
It often serves to illustrate the state your emotion.

Oh Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display
connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.
And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

-Lt. Cmdr. Data-
Stardate 46154.2

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