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The Thing...

The Thing is one of my most recent poems, and was inspired to me at night, when I was getting ready for bed.   I was doing the usual routine (playing the computer, looking at the time to see how much longer I can play the computer until my parents come down to make sure I'm getting ready for bed, and digging in my belly button).  Suddenly, while searching through my navel, I saw something there that I had never seen before.  And thus, it inspired this poem:

The Thing...

I was using my computer, all alone and late at night
When suddenly I felt disturbed, and was overcome with fright.
That's when I found It in my navel, (though I don't know what It was)
Maybe an ancient artifact, or perhaps a piece of fuzz

It turns out It was neither, after a much more 'closer' look.
But of what I saw, I didn't know, so another look I took.
Until I could look no longer, "What are you?" I would shout,
When suddenly, an idea came...   I would pull It out!

So I then began to pry It from its belly button home.
And I pulled It, and I poked It, but it simply would not come.
So I mustered all my energy, and gave one final heave,
And It popped out my navel, thus forcing it to leave.

Then I looked down at my hand, and I'd finally caught the Thing!
So I brought It to my eye, because it was most int'resting.
Though I swear that Its alive, because it jiggles and it shakes,
And its purple, small, and squirmy, like a tiny killer snake.

I was so enthralled with It, I didn't notice when
It caught sight of my navel, and jumped back in again.
It doesn't really matter, though.   I've nothing there to hide,
And besides, we're friends now, and I think his name is Clyde!

-Richie Nelson-
-July 26, 2003-

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