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My Links
Welcome to my Links page. From here, you will find links to sites all over the internet, ranging from nifty, to odd, to Star Trek.

Star Trek Sites is Star Trek's official website. It contains almost everything you'd ever care to know about Star Trek, Starfleet, and Tribbles. Yessir, I spent many an hour in's library, memorizing everything from Antimatter Reactors, to Zefram Cochrane. This is definately a great website, and it has Wallpapers! a must see!

The Top 10 things I hate about Star Trek-Humor piece from Star Trek

Calculator Websites home site for TI calculators. Also includes Flash Applications and games. Get your latest Operating System Version here! (current OS version: 1.16) THE best place to go for any sort of Calc programs. They have every conceivable TI calculator there. All you need is a link cable. website with calculator files. Not as nice as, but not too shabby.

Detached Solutions-Has created many of the applications for flash calculators.

Doug's Websites website was created by my friend, Doug. If there is anything you ever wanted to know about a christian music artist, this is the place to go! home webpage for Doug's youth group. is not entirely Doug's website, he helped. This is the website of Patrick Houser's awesome band "Megaton Warheads" check them out!

Other Websites website was created by my cousin, and has horses and trucks and stuff. website done by my friend, Megan Schmit.   She's a Vulcan, you know, because of her eyebrows.   Go check it out.

Well, what do you think of my site?  Did you find a bug, or something that shouldn't be here?   Or, if you just have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to E-mail me at  Your input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!