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Well, it was getting pretty close to Christmas here in Sturgis, and we only had one day of school left for the year.  As Ben Nelson (who is most certainly NOT a tenor in the concert choir) and I sat there, we realized that we hadn't gotten anything for our beloved choir teacher, Mr. Torbert.  Well, this had to be amended, because the best choir teacher ever just couldn't not have a present from his beloved tenors, -ahem...  I mean NOT tenors.  As we though about the present we would get him, we realized that Mr. Torbert has a nice little bald spot in back of his head, and so we must point that out to him, and give him a bad time about it (he's such a cool teacher because we can do this.  :-)    ).  Anyway, we Ben and I (who still are NOT tenors) went out and bought some Turtle Wax for him with the help of Chris (also a NOT tenor), and covertyly taped it to the whiteboard before Mr. Torbert arrived early that morning.  With it, we included the following poem:

The Turtle Wax Poem

Dear Mr. Torbert,
We know that soon you'll have a scare
Once you've found you've lost your hair
And once that's occurred, a toupee you'll wear,
So we'd like to show how much we care.

The perfect wig is very rare,
That can't be found just anywhere.
We searched through stores in clear despair
Hoping the perfect wig was there.

The wig was not there, only tiny yaks,
Who were just the size of seeds of flax.
But next to the flax, in little black sacks,
We found a whole bunch of Turtle Wax!!

You see, Mr. T, just get the facts.
Don't wear toupees, use Turtle Wax,
And make you head shine to the max!
And blind us with glare while we're in class.

We hope this shows how much we care,
But please don't blind us with your glare!
To identify ourselves, we wouldn't dare
Merry Christmas, Mr. T, and happy new...   Yair.

NOT three tenors in Concert Choir

Thanks for everything, Mr. Torbert.  You're the best.

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