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Fun Stuff

Welcome!   This is a special page where I place pieces of humor (or whatever) that don't focus on either Star Trek or Cheese.  These are still great pieces of work, and even though the creators may have been a little misguided (what?!  A humor piece with NO CHEESE?!), I still believe that they should have a place on my site.  So, this is it.  Enjoy the nifties you may find on this page, and if you ever think of a name better than "Fun Stuff," please e-mail me at

          World Domination
          You Might be an Engineer if...
          Ways to Really Annoy People
          30 fun Things to do While Driving

Well, what do you think of my site?  Did you find a bug, or something that shouldn't be here?   Or, if you just have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to E-mail me at  Your input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!